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Magnifique - Infinitas Pictorial - Cover & Spread 1
Magnifique wanted a full color, pictorial done to document this awe inspiring, dramatization of a play called Infinitas. Using digital photography, great copy provided by the client and endless creative freedom the drama was recreated in print.

Magnifique - Infinitas Pictorial - Spread 2

spread 3

Magnifique - Infinitas Pictorial - Spread 3

Magnifique - Infinitas Pictorial - Spread 4

spread 5

Magnifique - Infinitas Pictorial - Spread 5

spread 6

Magnifique - Infinitas Pictorial - Spread 6

spread 7

Magnifique - Infinitas Pictorial - Spread 7

infinitas posters

Magnifique - Infinitas - Posters
A series of posters created to get the word out. Each of these posters were done for different showings as the dra


Magnifique - Infinitas - CD
A CD was created featuring the key songs from the performance. Magnifique needed packaging that depicted the show and the characters. The imagery coincided with all the other marketing materials.


Magnifique - Infinitas - DVD
The performance was captured on DVD and Magnifique needed packaging to reflect the drama and its characters.

Tyrone Powell - Inside Out - DVD
Minister Tyrone Powell needed DVD Packaging that reflected the energy of his latest DVD release.

Strong Tower Ministries - Live Recording - CD Project
STM needed packaging designed for their first "LIVE" recording. They requested the use of a globe and that was paired with photo's from the actual recording and then layered with bright colors and a background photo that mirrors the energy and excitement that goes along with a "LIVE" concert.

Melissa Compton - CD Packaging
This was Melissa's first CD and she needed packaging that reflected her youthful, edgy sound. With this project I had the privilege of directing the photoshoot as well as assisting with the makeup artistry.

First Watch Ministries - Book Cover
The author, Sean Walsh, needed a cover design for his first book release. He was very specific about what he was looking for. He also did an audio recording of the book and the CD face needed to resemble the cover graphics.