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  • Salem
  • BB&T
  • Purolator 1
  • Purolator 2
  • Race For The Cure
  • Pulliam
  • 9 Lives


Salem Group Marketing Kit
Salem needed a sales kit to land their next big accounts. They specialized in setting up data storage for the banking industry and the medical field. Because of the important nature of their business they needed a kit that equaled the stature of the industries. This was a no holds barred assignment in which beautiful platinum papers with subtle patterned details were duplexed together specifically for Salem Group.


BB&T's Wizard of Banking
This project was done as sales incentive for the BB&T employees. The entire program put a twist on classic movies to reflect the banking industry with a special milestone tracker and rewards along the way.


Purolator Product Guide
Purolator was in need of a complete overhaul of their entire product guide for their distributors. This was a very time intensive project which required some new photography but more importantly a more streamlined product information system.


The Complete System
This kit was a mock-up that I am incredibly proud to have come up with. They needed something that would set them apart on the shelf next to their competitors in the filter industry and also house all the print pieces that a distributor would get. What I suggested is that they have a custom box made with diecut circles on the front that would house four different filter materials. This box was large enough to house the complete system. The enlarged detail shots of the housing made the filters appear as artwork which was a perfect detail setting them apart from competitors that looked purely industrial and had little to no eye appeal.


Race For The Cure Sponsorship Brochure
This project was taken on by the agency I was working with at the time as a probono project. It was a wonderful privilege to work with the passionate group of women that were heading up the Winston-Salem Race. The color pink was highlighted all through this print piece in the photography from the previous race. This project was very inspiring.


Pulliam Group Brochure & Newsletter
These print pieces were created for an accounting firm using only two colors to establish a cost saving since the newsletter was going to be sent out quarterly.


The Heinz 9 Lives 2003 Calendar
This was the third 9 Lives Calendar that I was able to work on. The project included a photoshoot with "Morris The Cat" and it highlighted twelve cities in America each with a "human" recipe that celebrated that area's cuisine and could be accompanied by one of the many flavors of 9 Lives canned food. This project was so much fun. It was great working with Morris' trainer, the fantastic photographer and the great printer to see the entire calendar come together from conception to finished product.