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  • Everything Gardening
  • Mission of Song
  • Obey Your Spirit
  • VDAA
  • Cyrus
  • Kingdom One
  • Truth Now
  • Worship World
  • Gunselman


Everything Gardening
Everything Gardening is a local gardening shop that needed a logo for signage and business cards. The client wanted a really pale, soft pink and a chocolate brown color to define her business. Three logos were developed. The above logo is not the logo the client chose but it happens to be my favorite so it is the one I highlight in my online portfolio.


The Mission of Song
Psalmist Eric Armstead wanted a logo to define the Worship Team he assembled and worked with on a regular basis. This logo needed to portray their mission as a worship team on the front lines of the battle. "The scripture says to send Judah first in battle."


Obey Your Spirit
Obey Your Spirit needed a logo that could translate from marketing materials to packaging easily and be used in one color or two. If you look carefully the letters "O", "Y", & "S" can be seen in the symbol. The symbol can also be used very small on a tube of lipstick or larger on a compact.


Virginia Dental & Anesthesia Associates
VDAA is a local dental office that caters to pediatric dentistry as well as anesthesia. The initials VDAA are subtly used in the symbol and the color blue is widely recognized for cleanliness and serenity.


Cyrus is a government sub-contractor that wanted to highlight that they are a solutions oriented group. They were very specific on colors and also wanted very literal imagery.


Kingdom One
Kingdom One is a start-up business with BIG plans for internet based Christian programming. It is still in its testing phases.


Truth Now
This logo was developed for a local pastor that has a vision for outreach through other venues outside the four walls of the church.

Worship World
Worship World is a Maryland based ministry started by a worship driven pastor.

Gunselman Realty & Property Management
Gunselman Realty wanted lots of options and in the end they ended up using an uppercase "G" reversed out of a red circle. Displayed above is a version with the letters "G" and "R" combined and then configured to resemble an aerial view of a real estate development. This logo can be used successfully in black and white as well as the bold colors of red, yellow and gray.