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  • Osterlund Excavating
  • Kathy Armstrong
  • Worship World
  • STM
  • Favor Network

Osterlund Excavating
A "Northwoods" excavating company needed a simple online presence to highlight services and contact information.

Kathy Armstrong
Kathy wanted a site where she could showcase her new book and other ministry endeavors. She loves the beach so the design plays up on the sand the water and the palms.

Worship World
Worship World started out as a site that highlighted worship services and lessons provided by Andrew Best. Andrew then began pastoring and the site had to evolve to encompass a church services as well.

Strong Tower Ministries
STM needed a site that covered all the bases and that's what they have. All the in-house ministries are highlighted, there is a detailed calendar, a place on the home page for sound bytes from their latest CD release, online prayer request and praise report forms and much, much more....

Favor Network Services
FNS needed a site where they could feature and highlight their vast array of services and contract vehicles. By using Spry technology provided by Dreamweaver® that was attained in a very neat and tidy way.